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If you stumbled upon my site via my business card, welcome! I’m glad you stopped by. This is a blog I ran while establishing myself in Los Angeles. Since my move to Colorado, I have let this site quiet down. There are a number of ways to keep current with me, and this post is to help get you there!

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.Pricing and B.R.I.E.

I’ve moved things around a bit! If you landed here looking to hire me, here are my prices! If you click the Boo Radford Imaginative Entertainment link in the tabs above, you will be able to keep up with festivals, farmers markets, and general company news and rollouts.

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Let me know if these changes help out with the fluidity of my sight, or if you see an opportunity to make Hamsterfood more navigable.

For the time being, I will include my price list on my blog as well!



.Snap, Crackle, Pop. Fairy Tale Favorites

What’s playing on Stella Blue today?


Fairy Tale Favorites!!!!

I’d like to blame this one on Phoenix, but I pulled this out myself.

Follow the breadcrumbs into the forrest and you’ll find adventure, terror, and treats. That’s right, it’s Hansel and Gretel. Poor, poor children.

This is the main story on the album, but listen through the scratches and you will find elves working hard to help an old cobbler, a little boy made out of ginger, and oh so much more. And they all live happily ever after!


.Snap, Crackle, Pop. Marry Poppins

What’s playing on Stella Blue today?


Marry Poppins with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke

This is another from Out of the Closet. You can assume that 95% of the film albums I own come from these awesome little shops. Check out the china section if you go to the location in Glendale. I dug up some amazing tea cups for a Mad Hatter party last year! On this Saturday, we need to laugh. We need spoonfuls of sugar and dancing penguins. Everyone could always use a little song and dance from a magical, carpet-bag-toting nanny!


.Adventure Is Out There.

I just recently spoke with my dad about my Freckles, saying it was like “a switch was flipped” and my creativity exploded. When I moved here, something shifted and I was able to create freely. This seems simple, but it is so extraordinary a time in life of an artist. I am meeting sculptures, musicians, painters, collectors, and I am creating. I am barely creating at pace with my imagination. I know this time is fleeting and I am really enjoying it. So I might as well share what’s happening. So much has been happening!

I am creating a body of work called .Still Waters. I have relaxed and let go while it snowed at the hot springs. I’ve caught total stillness at sunrise. It restores my soul.

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There is a magical little girl who lives downstairs who gave me a drawing one day. This creative little Phoenix received a drawing in her namesake as a thank you. Thus began a beautiful friendship. We tape drawings to each other’s doors and write each other notes. We hide gnomes and build forts and she makes Evan swoon. These are the Phoenix files.

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I am inspired daily. These do not fit into any body of work, other than the beautiful findings of a hapless photographer. Enjoy!

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.Snap, Crackle, Pop. Duke Ellington

What’s playing on Stella Blue today?


Duke Ellington at Carnegie Hall

This collection is rare and amazing. We played this for Evan when we first took him home from the hospital. The boy LOVES his music. This is a collection of three (should be four) albums. Each side holds exaclty one song, but its like eating a good chocolate. You consume it patiently, maybe putting in a little work, and it is worth the effort! We only put on Duke when we are ready to hang out with Stella, but it enhances our day each time we do.


.Try It Tuesday. Basel, Switzerland

Uncle Traveling Kevin,


Is is Basel, Switzerland!!! You guessed it, he’s there for Art Basel, of course!

So, let’s begin.

To transform our charming little Gunnison into melting-pot Basel, we started early. We had traditional /// for breakfast, and it was delicious. We started off the day right by venturing to the grocery store to pick out some Swiss Chocolate for the day.

We went to the bank. The bank is a Big Deal in Basel.

Believe it or not, Kevin is on the same river as he was in Cologne, Germany!

Photo: Floating down the Rhein

The River Rhine, or Rhein, depending on where you are splits both towns our eclectic traveling uncle has visited. So, we went to the river, again! We also doubled this as a fathers day hike for Sam, a special treat because hiking is not my favorite.

We went to Boomerang to try and find me a new, well used, watch. In Basel they hold the world’s largest Watch and Jewelry Festival!

Next we learned a little about an artist featured at Art Basel, since that’s really why Kevin is there. We looked up Patricia Douder and discovered ///

I spoke un petit français. Basel is located where the Swiss, German and French borders meet. Their official language is German, but they are comfortable with English and French as well. Since the bulk of the day took place in English, and I know zero German, I spoke what French I could with my boys.

 college animated GIF

We listened to Jazz. There are a lot of music festivals that happen in this metropolitan melting pot, but the most beloved seems to be Jazz. So we put the Punch Brothers on hold and played a little Ella, Miles, and Nat.

Last but not least, we went to our local chocolate shop, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Basel’s north bank, Kleinbasel, is home to rows of shops, including indulgent chocolataries. On our way into town, we took a photo with our dragon. Basel has a Basilisk protecting its crest at the entrance to the Black Forest region. We brought our crest (the McClung clan) to the Crested Butte dragon, so he could do some protecting.