.Farmers Markets.

Downtown there are many. The one at Pershing square is fine, not my favorite, though it has roasted nuts like at the Met in New York. The one by the Times is downright cinematic, under a canopy of droopy trees circling a towering fountain. There you will find vintage candies, where I picked up some teaberry gum, and gluton free treats, not to mention an  adorable florist who caps off your visit. Still, not the best. The jewel in the crown of downtown farmers markets has to be 7th and Fig, near my work. It takes up two levels, on the first, beautiful produce that changes with the seasons. Start to make your way upstairs and there you’ll find it, PUPPIES. Oh so fantastic. A local pet adoption agency sets up camp for the day and brings along their latest litter, and you can pick them up. I spend 70 percent of my market time there. After picking up some fresh pears and petting the puppies I head upstairs to the “food court” flower mart, if you will. There I grab a Crepe with nutella, and pick up a few daisies and peruse the jewelry. I head home, lovely drop earrings in hand, and head home to make room in my schedule for next thursday morning.


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