.TMZ style.

So I was working my last shift at Starbucks, and directly across the street from the store was this piece.

While I was photographing it, the only way street art lives on, Thierry Guetta stepped out of the side door and began loading armloads of mysteriousness into his truck. My heart rate increased at seeing someone famous. I then remembered, I wholeheartedly disagree with how he gained his fame, then I started to get heated. So this is all going on while I’m waiting for Sam to pick me up and Thierry is making multiple trips back and forth. Finally, I looked up from my phone to see him smiling at me, like ” you  know who I am”. Instead of giving this man the satisfaction, I smiled politely, then crouched down and moved my attention to his adorable dog. The expected, “Arent you from that movie with Banksy?” was replaced with, “Your dog is so cute! What is it?” He quickly deflated, answered my question and continued loading. Art celeb sighting of the worst kind. I did snag a morsel of plastered paper, however, before Sam arrived!



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