.I Feel Fine.

By Brieanna Radford

.May 20th, 2011.
With my last day on earth, I decided to have some serious fun. Courtesy of art insider, Kevin Scholl, I was directed towards an amazing show at the Marc Foxx Gallery with a cryptic, “just go”. If it had impacted him so intensely, I knew it was a killer way to spend my last precious moments on earth. After splitting from work, changing in a fury and flying down the stairs, I headed out to see the latest stop of Kris Martin’s hot air balloon adventure.
After a slight mishap, wandering into the wrong gallery, oops, we got directions from three wonderful ACME men with a cheerful. “enjoy the ride” on our way out.
As most of you know my childlike sense of wonder is still very much intact and it tingled at the prospect of wandering around INSIDE the balloon! Sam and I tentatively stepped into the gallery and hollered over the roar of the fan, ” WE JUST STEP RIGHT IN?” “YEAH, WATCH YOUR STEP!”
Courtesy of Marc Foxx GalleryKris Martin, more known in Europe than stateside, first revealed this piece in Berlin. Its next destination was the K21 gallery in Düsseldorf. After its success it made the long journey over the ocean and landed right here in LA! T.Y.F.F.M.F. “Thank you for flying Marc Foxx.” will intimidate you at first. Once inside, however, the world shifts around you in twisting blues and intense reds. I suggest taking a seat or laying down and letting the experience overwhelm you.  Let the beauty, romance and freedom wash over you in this grounded balloon.

Courtesy of Marc Foxx Gallery
I have encountered this room-modifying experiential art only once before. On a chilly fall day in New York I trekked with my class around Chelsea. During the middle of the trip I received some terrible news that shook my world, and directly after, entered an installation by Ernesto Neto. He created a fabric room within the gallery that seemed to take me elsewhere. The world was transformed, my problems checked at the door with my shoes. When an artist takes over a room, they create their own world for you too ponder. Both Neto and Martin seem to be creating spaces conducive to wonder and romance. It is an experience you will never forget, which says a lot about a gallery show. Please take a ride at Marc Foxx gallery before this balloon leaves for its next destination on June 11th.


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