.One Rule: Color.

Welcome back readers! I appreciate your patience while hamsterfood has been under construction! While you were gone, I whipped up some new images, docked some great articles from Janelle, and landed a photography show in Fullerton. *Shameless plug* My show is October 7th at 6pm, in the oh-so-stunning  Studio Emp, Suite B 112 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832. Of course you are all invited to check out my work and help yourself to some down home baked goods! Now for the main event.



Between my full voicemail, my blackberry alerts and a growing gmail inbox, it came. The interview I had been waiting for. On a quick break I opened my email and red spilled out everywhere.

The font simple but fun, the colors changing every few lines. This, this is the Marisa Peterson I know and love. Marisa and I first became close while studying for our bachelor in studio arts at Biola University. While our paths grew further apart, our friendship remained solid due to semi regular dinner dates at Marisa’s house, an experience akin to Big Fish’s Spector. Creativity oozed out of that house, color and imagination surrounded the dinner table

Newly married Marisa has a kind spirit with a bite of wit and it shows through her pieces. This multifaceted talent creates anything from abstract paintings to photography, design and everything in between. One of Marisa’ masterpieces ( to me, to her it was practice) hangs beautifully next to my forest animal shower curtain. The colors dance across the multiple textures making it one of the most dynamic things I have seen come out of painting in a while. “For my paintings, I am interested in color, pattern and texture. These same elements also affect what and how I photograph. I see the world as a place full of color, pattern and texture and seek to showcase the beauty of this world to others.” explains Marisa. Peterson’s creative process consists of a delicate dance. She begins with very wet paint and creates large strokes. Once that has dried, she approaches it again, devoid of horizon line or traditional perspective, she proceeds to whittle away by re-approaching and editing. What she is left with is a beautiful plethora of story in each layer, in each texture.  “The work proceeds from the accumulated understanding and experience of form and color, balance and scale, which are the artist’s intuition.” –Fredric Hammersle (quote provided by Marisa).

This stellar studio artist has turned into an inspiring commercial artist as well. Not only does she run a successful shop on Etsy, selling her paintings, she has taken to the wedding genre! Both of Marisa’s parents were photographers who worked for the one and only Ansel Adams. Photography has always inspired and been a part of this young artists life. Where the painting world and fine photography are normally at odds, Marisa has married the two in a very successful career. Noticing the need for affordable photographers in our economic dip, she grabbed the opportunity to photograph weddings AND design stationary at affordable prices with the highest quality.

I urge you now friends, go to Etsy, buy her paintings. Visit her sight and tell your friends who are getting married about her. Marisa Peterson will not be a subtly successful artist for long, she will explode with talent all over the art scene and you can say, you knew her when!

Artistic Inspiration: For my painting, I am currently and constantly inspired by Merion Estes, Julie Evans, Beatriz Milhazes, Hans Hoffman and Helen Frankenthaler.

Where Can We Find You:



Biggest Break: I was almost featured in the September issue of Better Homes  & Gardens magazine, the magazine even commissioned a painting for the piece they were writing. Unfortunately, it just didn’t make the edit into the final magazine. But, now they know my work exists, and they may choose to use it in the future. I am currently featured on efcatoday.org/ in a beautifully designed article, using my paintings, and even more paintings are used in the print version of their publication. In the future, I will be featured on LiteracyHead.com, a website that promotes literacy and reading through the arts.


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