.Dear Friends.

Today, I turn over a new leaf. This past year has been laced with pain and loss, and your patience and loving attentiveness have provided a motivation to continue doing what I love, writing.

Up until October last year Hamsterfood was a mecca for the arts. I wrote up shows I’d seen, new artists I loved and revealed an uncanny love of street art. Kevin Scholl pointed me to amazing new art. Janelle Van Dalsem (now blissfully Janelle Boone) kept us connected with literature and fed us poignant opinions on amazing music.

When my mother passed away and my world shifted, I stepped away from the newly renovated Hamsterfood and re-evaluated the roll of an art directed blog in my tumultuous broken life.

Each time I sat down to review a new show, or toted my faithful tape recorder to an art walk I felt disengaged from writing about what I used to love. The pressure to write about only art seemed disingenuous, so Hamsterfood fell silent. Thank you for continuing to check in during this drought!

In a moment of clarity, I realized what was missing. When Hamsterfood launched it was really the brainchild of a dear friend, Luz Enriquez. With a move to Los Angeles City on the horizon, I spent many evenings fleeing the suburbs in which I dwelt in favor of hipster restaurants and red carpet parties. I often relayed to Luz the tiny portions of food I was allotted at each venue and she blessed me with this gem. “Its like you’re eating hipster Hamsterfood.” The idea of writing about my escapades in this illusive city came to fruition. I wrote about museums, record shops, bookstores, art and restaurants.

This is the direction to which Hamsterfood will return. The arts will stay intact. I will still tell you Banksy’s every move in Los Angeles. Janelle will still deliver spot on reviews. I will, however, be writing about the process of delving into and falling in love with Los Angeles.

Three new sections will be added to Hamsterfood for your enjoyment! .BakedBrie. will detail recipes tried and failed, conquered and loved. .Crafty. will reveal all of my pinterest craft accomplishments, and warn you of epic modge podge failures. .HipsterHamster. will include my favorite undiscovered spots in LA and will follow the adventures of my group of lovely friends as we make our way around this sprawling city.

In addition to our new sections, we also have someone new joining the team. The incredibly talented extremely crafty Cami Salisbury of Washington D.C., will provide me with helpful hints and tips about her ventures with pinterest as well. Feel free to peruse these articles before leaping into a pinned project. See how we fared and learn from our mistakes!

I look forward to writing again, and working with the people I love to explore life in a truly unique way. It may be clumsy, it will definitely be sporadic, but Hamsterfood will become what it once was, a picture of my daily life.

I love you all and appreciate your support!



Brieanna, your friendly hipster hamster.


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