.BakedBrie. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I was little my best friend, Kate, and I would pretend to own a restaurant. It was called Papa Luigi’s. It only served chocolate chip cookies.

When I was around ten, my mom thought it would be helpful if I learned the VERY basics of cooking. While she described how to break down a raw chicken, my dad sat at the stove double boiling chocolate. “I want to learn what he’s doing.” And a lifetime baker was made.

My childhood recipe, the famed Papa Luigi’s special, contained shortening and turned out differently as an adult than it did as a kid. I was on the prowl for a good recipe, nay, the best recipe. This pin claimed it was so I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a try. It took quite a bit of work. The batter requires two different types of flour, pastry and bread, both of which I had to purchase just for this recipe. The chocolate cannot be chips, it must be coarsely chopped by hand.

The complete dough must sit in the fridge at least 24 hours but up to three days is recommended. Once the LONG prep is over with and you pop these in to bake they honestly are, hands down, the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had!

Pros: Really is the best chocolate chip cookie out there. You can impress family and friends by bringing these with you to any occasion.

Cons: They take TOO long to make. The recipe list is persnickety. In the time it has to sit in the fridge you run the danger of eating it all before its time to bake.

Solution: I tried this recipe out instead and brought them into work, they got DEVOURED. So maybe they are just shy of best, but they are so much easier! Click the photo to find the recipe.


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