.Crafty. Twinkle Glass Bead Light

It’s here! It’s finally arrived! Cami Salisbury’s first contribution is a crafty little light. Our new hamster provided her tips, and photos to boot. If you have ever wanted to create this gem, be sure to pour over her advice, mistakes and triumphs.

The Twinkle Glass Bead Light. Cami didn’t work off of instructions for this one, just the photo. Crafty her!


.Empty Wine Bottle.
.Glass Beads.
.Twinkle Lights (shortest cord you can find).
.Hot Glue Gun (and glue of course).


Simply apply hot glue (sparingly) and attach beads in desired design.

Then carefully insert twinkle light cord, leaving a small tail for easier outlet reach.

1. Make sure to turn of lights when not using… the heat makes the beads vulnerable to popping off.

2. Leave a small space on the bottom to relieve pressure on beads so they don’t pop off.

3. Use hot glue sparingly… I found too much glue (as with most hot glue projects) makes the beads pop off easier.

4. If a relatively short twinkle cord cannot be found, simply fold the long cord in half and twist it around itself to form a shorter cord, then insert into wine bottle.

Using an untwisted cord did not stuff into the wine bottle sufficiently and ultimately broke the lights and cord, so it’s important to condense the cord before putting it in the bottle.


Be sure to follow Cami on Pinterest. She is, by far, the most organized pinner I follow, so take a look at her boards and you can find all of the projects we write about here. Feel free to request a certain project or recipe you’d like us to try from Pinterest and one of the hamsters will give it a go (probably not Kevin).


.What do you think.

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