.BakedBrie. Apple Braid

This recipe is a house staple! Sam and I love it for a quick treat on a special morning and it tastes like fall. The original pin (click photo for link) called for making your own dough. I improvised with crescent rolls, but you can use any premade dough you like. Its totally up to your preference. Or, take a stab at making the dough from the recipe!

.My Take On The Recipe.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Then, I start off with four of my favorite apples. I tend towards sweet, buy if you like sour, go for it. Just taste test as you go along so it doesn’t have too much bite. You can easily control this with the use of lemon juice and sugar. Im heavier on the lemon juice because I prefer a sweeter apple. So first I peel and core my apples.

one long carved piece! I can almost never accomplish this!

I use a melon baller to core my apples. Its always worked out better than a paring knife.

Next, I slice them VERY thin. Then, pop open the crescent rolls and pull them apart. Then arrange them so the points stick out. This step will feel strange, but just take out a roller and smooth the pieces together in the middle so you have a platform for your filling. I then add half a lemons worth of juice, sugar and cinnamon to taste. If its too sour add more sugar, if its too sweet, add more lemon.

I then pile the filling into the rolled out center.

Then fold the tips in. Make sure you also fold up the ends or it will leak everywhere in the oven!

Its blatantly obvious that at this stage in my version it is not nearly as lovely as the original recipe. But its quick and tasty, so I sacrifice the beauty a little bit.

You also may have noticed my use of foil on the cookie sheet. This is one of my two go-to tricks. If there is even the possibility of leaking, I use foil. Its a quick clean up and the crescent roll dough cooks nicely on it. My second trick is for handling sticky dough. If, while creating this delicious treat, the dough is uncooperative, add flour to the roller and the dough. I know its a common trick, but its all to often forgotten or left out of instructions, and crescent dough is STICKY!

So, back to the braid. Now you are ready to pop it in the oven (should be at 350) and bake for 15 minutes. I always set my timer for 12 minutes and check in until its golden brown (usually at the 15 minute mark.) Let cool for 20 minutes, brew a strong cup of coffee, and enjoy your morning!

Finished Product


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