.BakedBrie. Cinnamon Pull Apart Muffins

Another fall favorite in our home. The original pin calls for Pillsbury’s french roll dough. For the first 10 times I made this I used that dough, and they have always been a hit. The only problem with the original recipe is that very dough. Its persnickety, sticky, and hard to roll out. At this crossroads you can make a choice, try a different pre-made dough, or make your own. You will begin to notice I always opt for pre-made. A friend of mine in culinary school once told me, for an amateur, the difference between hand made and pre-made would not outweigh the amount of work that goes into the former. Ergo, I stick with pre-made. Possibly the hamsters could venture into making different doughs during the winter. Anyways, I digress. Back to the yummy, cinnamon goodness.

This go around I decided to use crescent rolls. With the right amount of flour they can be quite malleable, and the sticky problem can be kept in check. So I rolled out the dough, smoothing the seems together.

I used a plastic cup to cut out the circles, but anything circular you have will do.

I cut circles about 3.5 inches in diameter. I just kept rolling out the dough until I had a small amoeba shaped piece. I rolled that out to the same thickness as the circles and tossed it in the pile. I like having a couple wonky ones! Next comes the devilishly tasty part. I mixed up some cinnamon sugar. I do it to taste, every palette is different. Mind the cinnamon though, it packs a punch! You can always add more but you can’t pull the cinnamon out of the sugar.

Then, I melt some butter in the microwave. I learned this from the Barefoot Contessa. 30 second intervals, on high, and the butter won’t burn.

I dip each circle in the butter, then transfer it to my cinnamon-sugar mix. Place on a clean surface (I use a cookie sheet) in stacks of five.

When all pieces have been dipped and stacked, cut each pile in half.

Line a muffin tin with some fun cupcake liners (I like polka dots) and add the muffins. The flat part of the half stacks should be the base of the muffin. Feel free to squish them around in the tin so they are more fun to pull apart while eating them.

This one is a husband pleaser! Sam’s response was mmmmMMMmmm! Only one at a time though, friends. These tasty little treats contain sugar, butter, and more butter!


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