.HipsterHamster. Cinespia

As a proper goodbye to the season I give you an L.A. summer staple, Cinespia, an outdoor movie viewing, at 600 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Spend a night feeling like Buffy, well, Buffy with wine and cheese and entertainment. Believe it or not, this long standing tradition takes place in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Gates open at 5:30pm and the movie starts at 7:00pm. Im not kidding when I emphasize this, GO AT 5! Bring a book, or some friends, and definitely something to munch on. Prepare to get cozy in line. You will be there for a while. This is a popular event, only held for a limited time during the summer.

Bring blankets, it gets mighty cold. Bring food. When we went, we just brought milk and cookies, which were awesome. However, once we had arrived we noticed some amazing spreads. Gourmet cheeses, amazing sandwiches, candles and wine. People go ALL out here. Alcohol is allowed, just keep it appropriate. You can park at the Cemetery, but its 10 dollars. Just troll the nieghborhood. If you are there as early as I advise, you should have no problem with street parking.

Bring some kind of back support. Tall chairs are outlawed, due to the impact on others’ views of the screen. I think those stadium back supports are perfect. This is not a suggestion, this part is mandatory! If you don’t come with some kind of back supporting seating solution you will be so uncomfortable half way through you will want to leave. Come prepared!

Get your tickets online ahead of time if you can. If you go to the website you can view their calender of upcoming showings. Buy your tickets at least a week early. The first year we went, we just showed up and bought a ticket at the door. That was two years ago. This event has grown exponentially and its best if you buy ahead of time so as not to be turned away at the door (where they only hold a select few tickets for sale the night of).

Bunker down, silence your cell phones and enjoy watching a movie with, what feels like, the rest of L.A.


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