.Crafty. Felt Streamers


These darling decorations took me so long!

.Items Needed.

Felt “pages”, every color you can get your hands on!

Really good scissors

Different sized circular items to trace.

Strong thread (embroidery is good).

And a needle of course.

.The Process.

Trace circles of different sizes on each felt “page”.  Use a sharpie or you wont be able to see the line later.

Cut out the circles with your really good pair of scissors.

Sew together with your choice of thread, I used simple white. Just sew straight through the middle of each circle. I made each streamer about 5 feet long. I used these for a birthday party I threw in Griffith Park. Then I took them home and hung them in the window. We have the prettiest window of all!


These streamers are adorable. While I was decorating in the park, countless children ran up and wanted to play with them.

They are reusable. I plan to use these for my future kids birthday parties.

They liven up your living space.

The process is fairly meditative, since its so repetitive and time consuming.


This project literally took me weeks. I worked on it a little at a time. What I had thought was Tara Donovan patience turned out to be Chris Burden impulsive and antsy.

Watch your fingers! Cutting so many small shapes and sewing everything by hand leaves you wide open for accidents.

This type of project requires a lot of work but the rewards reaped outweigh the tedious nature of the streamers. Don’t be a fair weathered crafter. Stick with this, do a few minutes on it every day and you will be glad you have them in your stock of decorations!


.What do you think.

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