.BakedBrie. Marshmallow Pops

I cannot make enough of these little bites! I made them for a coworker who was so excited she practically knocked me over in a grateful embrace. Every time Sam enjoys one of these he reminds me, “I don’t even like marshmallows.” I nod my head, I know. I smile and say thank you. But as is the case with most of the things I bake, I didn’t actually try one for a while. When I finally bit into this s’more on a stick, i was hooked. I understand the hug.

These are so simple. Take a regular sized marshmallow. Stick it on a lollipop stick (I bought a pack of fifty in Michael’s cake decorating section). Spoon a small amount of peanut butter, I use creamy organic.

Melt a bag of Ghiradelli Semi-Sweet chocolate chips. The Barefoot Contessa taught me the easy way to do this to ensure perfect chocolate every time. I use an old beat up microwave-safe dish in 30 second intervals on high. I take it out, stir it a touch and put it back in for ONLY 30 seconds at a time. This method allows you to reheat it with minimal damage as well. If you are a traditionalist, however, here are some instructions on how to successfully,  double boil it. Dip your peanut butter topped marshmallow in the melted chocolate. Make sure all sides are evenly covered.

Crush up some graham crackers, as fine as your patience will allow. Dip the chocolate covered marshmallow in the crumbs until all sides are well coated and place on a greased cookie sheet to cool. Once you have made the desired amount of marshmallow pops, place them in the freezer to harden.

I like to serve them in cupcake liners so the one enjoying it can have a crumb catcher!


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