.Crafty. Rosette Wreath

My amazingly talented cousin, Denise, makes these beautiful wreaths for all seasons, and its always added such a warm touch to her seasonal decorations. I decided I wanted a wreath for fall that I could pull out and reuse every year. Here’s what I came up with.

.Rosette Wreath.

.What You’ll Need.

Felt “pages” in fall colors

Sharpie (ultra fine point)

Sharp, Good Quality Scissors

Wreath Ring (From Michaels)

Red Paint

Hot Glue Gun


Begin by cutting your pages into four parts, I halve it, cut down the center. Then halve those pieces, to create four equal rectangles. Draw a snail like coil on each piece.

Cut along the coil.

From the innermost part of the coil start to wrap the felt around itself to create little rosettes. I varied the size of the coil, how tightly I wound it, and how I wound it, to create some variety.

This is the patience part of the project. It takes quite a bit of felt, cutting and coiling to cover the wreath entirely, so pop in a good movie and work on this on a rainy day. Secure the end of each coil with a dab of hot glue, watch your fingers!

Paint your wreath ring red so if the rosettes don’t cover everything, the spots that show through aren’t obvious. Start hot gluing your billion rosettes around the ring and start in on Harry Potter. By the time Harry’s found the Sorcerers Stone you should have a beautiful wreath for fall.


.What do you think.

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