.HipsterHamster. Alcove Movie Night

Tucked away on Hillhurst in Los Feliz is just my favorite place in town. Alcove Bakery is a beautiful little garden full of twinkly lights and tasty treats! My favorite are their brownies, any of the brownies, heck, try them all. They also have an amazing array of cakes and cookies to partake in over a cafe au lait on a sunny afternoon.

Not in the mood for sweets, need somewhere to fight off last nights drinks? Alcove provides the best brunch in town. Lots of black coffee, mimosas, and protein! The smoked salmon scramble literally melts in your mouth. I’m always wary of smoked salmon but this is delicious! It even comes with some dill cream, seriously tasty.

But this article isn’t about the sinful desserts, or the hangover cure brunch. This is about a little known gem in the summer, Alcove hosted outdoor movie nights!

You can request films to be shown on their Facebook page, where they are surprisingly interactive. Sam, Kevin and I headed there to see Clue, where you could come dressed as your favorite character. If you look closely, to the right of the projector, there is a Ms. Peacock. She won the costume contest.

All three of us put in our orders, they serve basic stuff like sandwiches and salads, hunkered down under our blanket and let the magic unfold. There is nothing quite like watching a film outdoors in a community you love. It feels like you are actively involved in the city, engaging in its energy. At one point during Clue, a siren went off onscreen as a siren passed on Hillhurst, behind us. Sitting under the twinkle lights sipping root bear, eating a panini and watching a great movie is pretty much the epitome of an L.A. summer evening, and you can find it here, at Alcove Bakery!


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