.Crafty. Pumpkin House

Cami is back with a craft for fall! Halloween has passed with thanksgiving hot on its heels. We will be posting a few helpful, easy decorations to warm your home and impress your guests.

Today we have the lovely pumpkin house from Cami.

This year, instead of carving a jack-o-lantern, Cami decided to give this pumpkin house a whirl! While I could have used a fresh pumpkin, I wanted a fall decoration that I could use every year so I picked up a foam pumpkin at Michael’s for 50% off. There’s always coupons and sales.

.Materials Needed.

Foam Pumpkin
Hot Glue Gun
Heated Knife Carver
Assorted Moss Decor
Random craft scraps
Tree branches
Spray paint


Start by carving doors and windows in pumpkin and then use a hot glue gun to add random scraps to home decor as you like.  Just add what you like as you go.  It’s good for all the leftover craft supplies laying around. Also, it could be a fun craft for kids (obviously with adult supervision or different glue).

This little house fits perfectly in the space between scary Jack-O-Lanterns and gingerbread houses. Set aside an afternoon, and carve out a little house for a thanksgiving centerpiece, or a fall decoration on your front porch, if you still refuse to string lights and hang wreaths before the turkey’s been served!


.What do you think.

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