.HipsterHamster. Hidden Treasures

Ever get the feeling like your going to lose it due to tail lights? Ever get so disappointed that the first rain in the city smells like urine and dirt? Ever wish you could park somewhere for free, anywhere?

When these moods overwhelm me and i just have to get out of the city, I go to Topanga Canyon. It feels like home. It feels like Armstrong redwoods and Bodega Bay. It’s chock full of characters rivaling Telluride. I’is a peaceful oasis absolutely opposite of everything I detest about city living.

The best part of this strange little pocket is the vintage store, Hidden Treasures.

Come with cash and time. You’ll want to wander around here for hours. Its Ariel’s cave, full of who’s-its and what’s-its galore.

Trinkets litter the store, from vintage letterman jackets, to old time suitcases, and skeleton keys! I’ve been buying five at a time for months!  I’m making a wind chime out of them, they make the loveliest sound.

It’s a good place to get lost for an afternoon, enjoy some tea out back and pick up a handful of vintage silk scarfs, stored in a treasure chest.

You want thingamabobs??


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