.HipsterHamster. Grub

In the Hamsterfood world, brunch is come-as-you are day. Traditionally we brunch on Sundays, coined Brundays by me and Kevin, and try out new spots around town. This particular Brunday was a repeat for Sam, Denise, and I, but new for the rest of the crew. Denise and I first stumbled upon Grub while we were looking for some greasy breakfast burritos after a night out in Hollywood. Denise worked her magic and steered us toward Grub, nestled in between the studios. You’d honestly blink and miss it, and that’s part of its charm. Street parking is usually manageable here, but be patient if you have to park far away and walk. Its worth it, plus you’ll need the extra exercise. Its hit or miss on the wait, but it is fairly popular, so you may have to hang out on the sidewalk for a spell before you get seated. They have a party policy that all must be present before you get seated. Don’t forget!

When you sit down to order they bring you a bowl of  cereal as an amuse bouche! LOVED THIS!

Grub professes to make comfort food comfier, guilty pleasures guiltier. What caught my eye and brought me back after the burrito trip was the bacon. They call it “crack” bacon, my family called it tasty bacon. Ever since I was a tiny little hipster my family has had a traditional Christmas breakfast that includes the most amazing of delicacies, bacon broiled with brown sugar, tasty. The first time I’d seen this treat outside of the Radford house was at Grub, bless its heart.

In addition to the worlds most amazing bacon is the star of the menu, the croissant french toast, guiltier. As you can glean it is made out of croissants, and served with warm syrup and raspberry butter! I can usually eat one piece in addition to my tasty bacon, but the rest re heats like gangbusters. So drag your dehydrated self out of bed and come as you are for a little comfort in Hollywood.

**Warning, beware of hidden charges. The orange juice is a trap, its an Odwalla bottled juice and $5!!! Order water and save your money for the bacon.**


2 thoughts on “.HipsterHamster. Grub

  1. I remember at the height of our “tasty bacon” craze, the entire Radford fam put away about 5 lbs of it at one Christmas breakfast.

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