.HipsterHamster. Maison Richard

This morning I awoke to a fresh chill in the air. Gone were the 86 degree days. Long past were the tank tops and skirts. This morning i pulled on my comfiest sweater, wrapped myself in a silk scarf and headed out the door, to commemorate the chill. For those of you that know me, you know I am Californian, born and raised. I may have left my heart in Washington, and a piece of my soul in Brooklyn, but I am Californian through and through. This being the case, I have an unfortunately small window of tolerance for weather. Its either too sunny, or it could snow. Since we get over 300 days of sun here, a chill in the air is an unexpected change, and deserves a treat.

On my way about Hollywood, checking chores off the list, I made a stop I’ve had little time to make before. I ducked into Maison Richard‘s off of Melrose for a croissant et cafe.

Honestly, folks, I yelped this gem. I was looking for the best croissant in town after jonesing for a chocolate croissant from a cafe in Santa Rosa. Maison Richard (Richards House) is cozy and enveloped in light. There is a large seating area in a covered outdoor patio. Greenery and sunlight fill the space. For a quick moment, it feels as though you no longer live in a giant, dirty city. Life is simplified to sunlight, croissants, and coffee.

They offer an array of morning pastries, but the croissants (raisin, plain, chocolate, or APRICOT!) and service are what make this hidden treasure a gem.

While I waited for my coffee, the staff chatted about weather, and sweaters. They laughed lightly and knew every other customer. A jolly old french man wandered in, dancing and singing and prattling on to the staff about the lovely weather, and their beautiful cakes. I heard cakes, and sweets in french and took a good look around the bakery. Encased in shimmering cases were the most beautiful cakes I have seen, and a tantalizing chocolate fruit tarte!

Maison Richard is a must see for a sweet treat on any day with a chill in the air. If you can see your breath, its time to head out for a croissant et cafe.


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