.Crafty. Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Back at it again, for a little late touch of fall, Cami has crafted a fall pumpkin wreath to help welcome your guests over for the best meal of the year!!

.Materials Needed.
Scrap Cloth (from Joann’s Fabric)
Base Wreath (or pool noodle)
Hot Glue
Pillow Stuffing
rubber bands (optional)

.Pumpkin Instructions.

1. Cut a square or circle and put stuffing in the center.

2. Bring edges together and bind with twine.

If it’s too difficult to hold the fabric/stuffing in one hand and bind the twine with the other, use a rubber band first to to hold the fabric in place, then add the twine.

3. Cut-off remaining fabric and wind twine around, using hot glue to keep it in place.

.Wreath Instructions.
1. Wrap wreath with fabric or burlap.

2. Use hot glue around the edges to keep the fabric stable.

3. Finish off the fabric wrapping by tucking in the end of the fabric underneath the beginning. Hot glue into place.

4. Start the twine on the back side of the wreath and beginning wrapping twine. Use a dot of hot glue as you go to keep the twine from shifting.

5. Hot glue your pumpkins into desired position.

6. Tie Burlap around top and hang on your door.


.What do you think.

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