.BakedBrie. Caramel Apple Ice Cream

Instead of pie, give this apple treat a try. While you are chowing down on pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, pecan pie, hot chocolate, and cider, skip the apple pie this year and add a cool punch to the tail end of your turkey coma.

This is a really simple, impressive dessert. It takes 10 minutes tops, and your guests will love it.

Take an apple of your choice. I like golden delicious, or gala. Chop the top off so it is flat. Take a melon baller and hollow out the middle of the apple. Careful not to let the walls of the apple to get too thin, a little extra apple comes in handy later.

Fill the carved out apple with vanilla bean ice cream and top with caramel. I used my  home made .Vanilla Bean Caramel. to top of this pretty dessert.

For a quick fix, or fancy treat in a spot, this will always be a crowd pleaser. Serve it in a bowl, and feel free to snack on the apple as well. I use the extras from the melon balling as a caramel dipped treat the next day for lunch.


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