.Crafty. Sand Dollar Ornaments

Last time I was in Santa Rosa my dad reminded me of a box of sand dollars in the playhouse that I may want to take home with me. When I was ten years old my grandparents took me on “my trip”, the trek to Canada each grand kid was gifted at the age of ten. Along the way, we stopped at a beach and collected sand dollars for the day. My grandmother than cracked them open and tiny birds fell out and she told me the story of the sand dollars. I was entranced by their magic, and then left them to collect dust in the playhouse built by my grandfather.

When I got home with these treasures, I needed to find a proper way to display them. I wanted, at least a few, to be ornaments. My mother loved ornaments. Thus, I began the difficult journey that was drilling a hole in a decade (ish) old sand dollar. I cracked three, I got three good ones. Worth it!

I started with a small needle and lightly tapped it with a small hammer until it was all the way through. Then, I pulled the needle at and worked a screw back and forth very lightly and carefully until the hole is big enough to pull a ribbon through. Like I said, I broke three, I gained three.

I added one ornament to my cluster wall as a nice unexpected accent, and a touch of memory.

I used the other two to cover up some scratch marks on a wall. The bird hook adds a nice shabby chic vibe.

This project was difficult and frustrating, but worth it because the dollars meant so much to me. My sister is making hers some kind of hanging, I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


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