.For The Record Sundays.

Sam and I just purchased our very own record player! Back in the day, when I lived with eight lovelies and one little dog, I would dedicate my Sundays to records and flower power happy hour at the corner flower shop (half off flowers that weren’t sold during the week).

When I lived in New York, Becca and I would have jazz Sundays in the studio, when everyone else took the day off. It was just us, our sunlit little corner studios, art and music.

Now that our beloved record player (Stella Blue) resides in a small nook in our cramped Los Feliz studio, I’ve’ decided to have .for the record. Sundays!


What’s playing on Stella Blue today?

The Festival Tapes

Recorded live in Telluride June 25-26th, 1977


I found this gem at Counterpoint, needle in a haystack. It’s the FOURTH annual Telluride bluegrass and country festival. It’s still happening today folks, and there is nothing quite like a music festival in Telluride! I’ll tell you about my epic blues and brews another day, but today is all about the music!


.What do you think.

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