.BakedBrie. Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

What’s not to love, strawberry, cheesecake, graham crackers? Smash hit!

Last year I threw the BEST birthday party. We played catch, I dueled with Brad in checkers, and I served amazing food. We started with caprese skewers and veggie cups. Then feasted on porcupine meatballs and twice baked potatoes, and washed it all down with Thai iced tea. To cap off the best food at the best party, I served strawberry cheesecake bites!


The best party ever takes a village, and my village assembled at Griffith Park to help me put the finishing touches on decorations and stuff the strawberries. One of our prized hamsters,  Kevin, rolled up his sleeves and spooned filling into strawberry after strawberry.  Maybe 15 strawberries in, Kevin finally snuck a taste of what he was piping into the berries and exclaimed, “Oh my! Is this cheesecake?!” Instantly I knew he’d be useless in completing the task, with more of the filling winding up in his belly and missing the berries all together. “Nope, you’re done'” I quipped. He hung his head but nodded in acknowledgement that he may just devour the treats before the guests arrived. To make sure he pulled his weight he later perfected the presentation, lining them up by size, before the quests arrived. I sighed in sweet relief at having such an amazing friend!

So now for the actual recipe.

.What You’ll Need.

1 lb of strawberries

8oz cream cheese

4Tbsp powdered sugar

graham crackers


Cut just the very bottom off the strawberry so it sits flat on your platter.  Use a paring knife to core the berry, but make sure the walls aren’t too thin. This process may take you a while and some extra hands will sure speed up the process.


Combine  the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla, this takes a split second.

Mash up the graham crackers. I use a ziplock bag and a heavy mug, set these aside in a bowl for later.

Turn on your favorite show and plant yourself in front of the tv with a bowl full of filling and a platter full of strawberries and begin the filling process. You can pipe it or spoon it, totally up to you, but piping looks nicer.


After the process is complete dip each strawberry top into the graham cracker crust.


There you have it, a simple delectable treat sure to please even the pickiest party goer.


**Disclaimer via best friend, Ashley. These don’t keep well so make them when you are going to eat them, and make just enough to consume. They will not keep more than a day. They tend to melt**


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