.The Shrine Project.

I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of a show I’m working on.

The basic concept is centered around imagery in worship, whatever the worship. I live in the cross hairs of two major cultures, nestled right between Little Armenia and Thai Town. What brought this concept into focus was a shrine down the road next to a Thai market. I found myself drawn to its beauty and a show idea was born.

There was a time in art history where the church deemed imagery a form of idolatry and the separation of art and worship was swift. Stained glass was removed, images of Saints were seen as ungodly and the thing that makes me feel closest to God was deemed an unnecessary distraction. Much more on this history to come.


I have been drawn to religions that still value the image. Not just value it but use it as a tool of worship. So I set out to photograph those objects of worship that are beautiful and holy. It began with a church in Catalina, but will not just remain within the Christian faith. I plan to scour LA for people worshiping through beauty. And I plan to photograph these objects in a position of worship, on my knees at the foot of a cross, bowed in front of a Hindu god, walking through a labyrinth, sitting silently in a Quaker Hall. I want to infuse these images with the power a believer brings to them in worship.


.What do you think.

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