.For the Record Sunday.

We’re back after a long hiatus and ever so grateful for your patience. We return with an absolute FAVORITE!!!

Whats playing on Stella Blue today?


The Point by Harry Nilsson

I searched high and low for this record after my sister spent an hour scouring Counterpoint and finally found it. The purchase earned her a “great find” from the hipster behind the counter which was almost as amazing as striking gold in the first place. This amazing story is written by Harry Nilsson after a particularly enlightening “trip” camping. He realized that everything around him came to a point, and our hero, Oblio and his dog Arrow were born. Arrow is born without a point, in the land where everything has a point, the people, the art, even the buildings. Conflict ensues with the mayors son and general different-ness of Oblio’s rounded head. He and Arrow are exiled to the pointless forest where many characters are met, and life lessons learned. Think, They Might Be Giants style, but the whole album is a cohesive, amazingly strange story, littered with eccentricities and metaphor. Its an amazing way to spend a Sunday evening.

**Side note** You can youtube “The Point” and find the animated video of it. WORTH IT!

I found this album at The Record Collector, which, I will say every chance I get, I prefer over uppity Counterpoint. I walked into this maze of a record store and asked for help finding The Point. I was weaved through rows and rows of records, more than I’d seen in one place in my whole 27 years, directly to this never before played copy! It even contained the original artwork. Sanders, who owns the joint, and possesses more knowledge of records in his little finger than any hipster could hope for, complimented my record choices and sent me on my way with a warm smile. Love this place! Love this album!


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