.Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

In lieu of .For the Record Sunday. we bring you a Smythe St. Patty’s Day!!!

Sam and I are both Irish enough to get really stoked for this holiday. In addition to our enthusiasm, our brother in law, the very Irish Eric Jaeger, LOVES March 17th, prompting us to want to celebrate with a little more umph!

We started with green milk and lucky charms.


I made a rainbow.


That ended in a pot of gold.


We celebrated by making up a batch of Leprechaun Candy!


Tonight we will feast! We will devour corned beef and cabbage, little gold treats, and little green candies! Sam will indulge in some Jameson, baby boo and I will have some more green milk… and maybe some more Lucky Charms. May the luck of the Irish be with all of you today!


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