.Meeting Kayden.

This Sunday I got to meet the newest member of the family, born to my cousin Kyle. Kayden will carry on the family name and do it proud, im sure! This little bundle was so adorable and TINY! I fell in love instantly. I can’t wait for my little one to be born and spend time with cousin Kayden. In addition, the rest of the family was there too, at least as far as I could tell when I wasn’t watching the baby sleep. We had lunch and sat and talked, loudly, over each other, repeating stories, and laughing over holiday memories and childhood games. It was truly a wonderful day and here are some shots of my beautiful new family member.
Prepping the treats to bring out to the new mom. Yes, those are two different types of pie in one pan. Baby Don’t You Cry Pie (strawberry chocolate) and Please Sir Cheesecake (topped with peaches, strawberries and a mango coulis). There were also some half baked cookies and banana muffins. Check out the cookies here! The other recipes will be up soon!


The little angel slept like this all through lunch!


Paula and I had a nice chat about beginning a family. Bonding was had!


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