.Baked Brie Sunday. Lavender Simple Syrup

Need an impressive last minute gift without costing an arm and a leg? Lavender simple syrup is the way to go!!!

Ingredients ///

1 cup /// water
3 Tbs /// dried lavender
2 cups /// sugar

That’s all!

Lavender may seem hard to come by, but go to your local whole food or natural food store and they will have plenty of it.

Instructions ///



Bring the water and lavender to a boil /// stir in sugar until it dissolves /// let simmer for five minutes then take off the heat /// let cool for five minutes /// strain out the lavender /// pour into a beautiful bottle or a mason jar.

I got my bottle from Walmart for three bucks!! If you score such a deal, let the receiver keep the bottle, they’ll love it!

Uses ///

Sweeten tea /// make a fun cocktail /// add to a latte


I added some to seltzer water with a few blueberries to make a delicious soda.

What would you use lavender simple syrup in?


.What do you think.

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