.Welcome Back.

Everything has changed! And I do mean EVERYTHING. First thing’s first, we had a beautiful baby boy! He is growing like a weed and absolutely hilarious.

2013-09-09 11.02.25And in other exciting news, we have picked up and moved to the great state of Colorado. Our world turned upside down just before our boy’s first Christmas, so we enacted a long dormant plan B to head for the safety of family in Colorado, not to mention, slash our cost of living.

IMG_2500It’s been wild here, freezing, but so far we are adjusting.

Because of this huge life change, many things have changed creatively as well. I got started on a series called Freckles, a collection of ink drawings with colorful stipples.

whimsy011The process has been very healing and calming.

Hamsterfood looks a bit different now. Here’s the break down. Each week I will post 3 different times.

We’ll start with .Baked Brie Sundays. where I will share recipes with you that are simply impressive. I’ll show you ways to whip up easy ten minute desserts that will knock the socks off your unexpected guests!IMG_1363

Next we’ll have .Try it Tuesday. where we will try anything and everything. Sometimes it will be a new recipe, or a Pinterest hack, or a place I miss from L.A. that I want you to try.

IMG_1109Send me things you want me to try and I’ll give it a go!

Back with a new name, and a little more whimsy, we have .Snap, Crackle, Pop Saturdays. What’s playing on Stella Blue? Quite a bit more children’s albums since the little one! I’ll also take you on my journey to find the best records Colorado has to offer.

IMG_0810Not only does the week look a bit different, the site has changed quite a bit. Feel free to click around and see what I’m up to with new show ideas and a brand new shop!

Welcome back! It’s been far too long.


2 thoughts on “.Welcome Back.

    • Thanks Doll! I miss you oh so much. Lets be blog buddies! I’ll keep you posted on living in the middle of nowhere and you keep me updated on L.A. I’ll live vicariously:)

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