.Snap, Crackle, Pop. The Point

IMG_0482 I know I’ve written on The Point before but things have changed! I wanted desperately to name my boy Oblio, after the little boy in Harry Nilsson’s The Point .


So just about every person I pitched the idea to shot it down immediately, with one very sympathetic exception in Mom Nickerson. She thinks it is an ADORABLE idea, which it is.


So at my amazing woodland themed baby shower, my magical friend Samantha slipped me a yellow knitted hat that came to a point, just like Oblio wore.

562811_904401750167_24226264_nI took my baby boy home in that hat and felt satisfied that I still had my Oblio. At that same shower I was gifted a HUGE stuffed giraffe that my son will not let go of. It’s his favorite thing on the planet, and we named hime Arrow.


Our son now has a pointy yellow hat and a best friend named Arrow, thanks to two very magical friends, I have my Oblio. Listen to the album and relax in the sunshine for the afternoon. Maybe have it playing during yoga, that might be fun!


.What do you think.

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