.Try it Tuesday. Punch Brothers

I’m not going to lie, Sam tried to get me to listen to Punch Brothers far too early on in our relationship. I still liked Matchbox Twenty and Duncan Sheik. I had yet to hear the banjo and fall more in love with music then I knew possible.

Not only was Sam’s introduction of this truly inspiring group far too soon, it was a cover of Radoihead… live. I was not ready. In all honesty, it ended up in my cd player a few years later and I was too lazy to change it. My eyes opened.

Watch and be amazed.

They are musicians you can trust, they know their instruments. They fundamentally understand how to make new, interesting music. Lead singer Chris Thile, former Nickel Creek frontman, takes serious risks. Not only was Thile a mandolin prodigee by age eight, Banjo player Noam Pikelny won the 2010 Steve Martin (that’s right, the jerk) Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass Award.

File:Antifogmatic Cover.jpg

Their album, Antifogmatic, has been playing in my car off and on since I was pregnant. Our little one loves the banjo and fiddle as much as his mama.

Give them a chance, listen to their music three times over. Feel your boundaries of music expand.

If they are in your area SEE THEM!!! In the meantime, buy up all of their music, just buy it aaaaallll up.


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