.Try It Tuesday. New York Day

When I was young, I far preferred the slightly offbeat Fraggles to Big Bird. I had a doozer work ethic. I believed in the wisdom of the trash heap. I loved postcards from Uncle Traveling Matt!


Our dear friend Kevin, vintage Hamsterfood contributor, best friend extraordinaire, loves our boy so much, he brings back a treat/trinket from wherever he travels. We have deemed him, Uncle Traveling Kevin.

Art Insider

We’ve also jumped on this chance to teach Evan about different places, customs, and people. Wherever Kevin is in the world, we spend a day there too. Since he’s hob-nobbing in New York this weekend, Evan and I spent the day in the big city…in Gunnison!


We (I) had a fried egg sandwich, danish, and a strong cup of coffee to start the day. When I was living in Brooklyn I would swing by the cafe on the corner and pick up this exact breakfast in under 5 minutes for under 5 dollars!


We read the paper. On my way to the studio each day, I would grab the Village Voice to see what was free to do that weekend, and what was upsetting the people this week.


We changed outfits… a lot. You can’t just step out in anything, every time you step out the door is a chance to make an impression. IMG_3147

We walked. Instead of taking the car, we took advantage of the near 40 degree weather, and walked downtown.IMG_3156

We looked at records and books, my favorite pass-time in the city.IMG_3149

We found the tallest building in Gunnison, a la the Empire State Building!IMG_3158

We bought more coffee. If we were going to stick it out on foot all day, we (I) needed the caffeine. This adorable pup waited outside the door the whole time we were there.IMG_3160

We looked at an art show. We saw photos that a local college student shot on a recent trip to Egypt. I thought they were quite nice, Evan said they were nothing new.IMG_3162

We ate street meat. My favorite meal was a $5.00 styrofoam box full of chicken and rice, smothered in white and red sauce. I preferred the cart by FIDM to 53rd. Less crowded.


Then we had cheesecake. I never indulged in this in New York. All my money went towards art supplies; but who can turn down a chance at cheesecake!
Miss you Kevin!


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