.Try It Tuesday. Cologne, Germany


imagesis in Cologne, Germany this week, viewing some incredible art!


So we decided to turn Gunnison into Germany for the day, and learn a little bit about a very different culture. We (Evan) started off the day in lederhosen (his cutest overalls). Then we went to Boomerang and the Local Market.20140415-171201.jpg

Cologne, Germany is known for their trade fairs, so we pretended the collections in Boomerang were from around the globe and we were perusing a world trade fair. The Local Market was a local trade fair, chock full of products from Gunnison Valley.20140415-171317.jpg20140415-171328.jpg

Cologne is also known for its large literary festival, so we perused some books.20140415-171302.jpg

The Rhine River separates the city of Cologne, so we visited our river.20140415-171406.jpg

We snacked on Bierocks (German Meat Turnovers), pretzels, and a German Strawberry Cream Cake!20140415-171350.jpg

We spritzed on  a little cologne, drank beer from a stein, and told Evan all about the adventurous place Uncle-Traveling-Kevin is exploring this week.









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