.Snap, Crackle, Pop. The Gingerbread Boy

What’s playing on Stella Blue today?

The Gingerbread Boy and other musical fairy tales!


We play this for the little one and he just stares at the record spinning round and bounces to the stories.

I have made it my mission, since moving to Gunnison, to find amazing records. Like I’ve said before, I always acted as though I lived in a small town (thrift stores, local coffee, farmers markets), so whats so different here?

That held true, until the hunt for great vinyl began. Boomerang’s collection is small, and I’ve bought what I want from it already. I don’t know that P.A.W.S. carries records. So one day, I grabbed some cash and headed to the opposite side of town, a whole 5 minutes away, and went to Six Points Thrift Store320 S. 14th Street, Gunnison, CO 81230.


 They are an amazing organization you should check out. Right now you can donate to help fund their new location by Wal-Mart! This store is my diamond in the rough, and is close to my heart. Here, I found under-priced vintage pyrex, and handful of outfits for Evan for $2, a vintage tin, and AMAZING records! For the next few weeks we’ll listen to my records from Six Points and hopefully help them raise some money!


.What do you think.

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