.Try it Tuesday. Adventure is Out There

Today’s post is a bit different. It’s something I want you to try. Something I’ve done that’s added a really exciting new dimension to life.

Get out and explore! Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I would pack a bag with snacks and strap on my trusty sneakers and venture out into the wilds of my suburb.up_russell

In Los Angeles I would drive to neighborhoods I didn’t know and try some food or find a bookstore.


Here, in this amazing place I now call home, I get in the car and I drive. I chase the sun down a river or follow clouds over a forest.


I’m having so much fun and the inspiration that comes from exploration has been out of this world. Give it a go this up coming weekend. Is it sunny where you live? Load up the car and just drive until you find something new. When you find it, experience it! Put down your phone and create a memory.

This was all inspired by a video that went viral this week. If you haven’t seen it, watch it below!


.What do you think.

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