.Baked Brie. Oreo Truffles


We are severely understaffed at work. As a result, everyone has reached Office Space level exasperation! To help out team morale I thought I’d ask my coworkers what their favorite treat was, and bring it in to surprise the branch, and boost spirits. It’s working like gangbusters!! So for the next few Sundays… that’s right, it’s a coworker special. I’ll tell you who asked for what and how I efficiently (tried) to  make enough.

I must begin by saying, I adore my co-workers! Back in L.A., the ladies I worked with were always on a diet, and wouldn’t touch my treats with a ten foot pole. A girl will start to get a complex after a while. I thought my baking had tanked. Then I moved here, where locals are so active during every hour of daylight, they devour my treats and ask for more. LOVE IT!IMG_4817

The first surprise I delivered was Oreo Truffles! These are ridiculously easy.


1 package of Oreos 1/3 cup set aside for garnish

1 package of cream cheese

Chocolate Chips for dipping


Smash Oreos very finely and combine with room temperature cream cheese. I use my hands for this process. It’s easiest, I promise. Melt your chocolate. I use the Barefoot Contessa’s microwave method. 30 second intervals on high in the microwave gives you just the right amount of control over your chocolate. I refrigerate the Oreo mixture to make the dipping easier. Dip and let cool on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Sprinkle your remaining cookie crumbs over the truffles before moving them to the fridge. IMG_4815Find yourself a stunning container and serve these up to very pleased coworkers! Make a lot. Im not kidding.


.What do you think.

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