.Try it Tuesday. Do your Hair Like a Grown Up

Or like a Duggar. This is embarrassing, but I’ll come right out with it. This Tuesday, I am trying a few new things. I am bravely admitting to the world that I love the Duggars. I know what lies beneath the movement has quite a dark background, but the family itself seems resourceful and loving. As the seasons progressed, the older girls have broken free of their matching days and have become quite stylish. A noticeable change has been their newly tousled locks replacing the crunchy perms. I immediately searched how to achieve this look and found this. Remember, this kind of admission is new for me, so be gentle.

I continued to research and found an article on Pinterest detailing the different effects of different techniques of curling. The one the girls use above gives a nice organic wave without feeling like you should break out your pageant wave. The technique I have been using, curling by clamping the bottom and rolling up, was described as how tweens learn to curl their hair. I decided to switch it up and see how it looked.


My final “new thing” is what you just saw. Yes, I curled my hair in a new way, and admitted to watching embarrassing t.v., but what was truly difficult was taking a selfie. I very rarely, if ever, take a photo of myself alone. My cousin over at Hope365, has taken on the empowering task of taking a selfie daily to find value and love in herself. It has inspired me completely. I don’t have the guts to take on a challenge like that, but this photo was a start.


.What do you think.

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