.Snap, Crackle, Pop. My Fair Lady

What’s playing on Stella Blue today?


I feel pretty, Oh so pretty! Yay, it’s My Fair Lady! I got this dance-dance-party-in-a-sleeve at my FAVORITE chain of thrift stores in L.A., Out of the Closet. If you are near one, go. The deals are crazy and the cause is good! I first ventured into one with The Lovely Bohemian, she can attest to their gold mine status!

I adore putting on funny hats, gathering up flowers and prancing around the living room while over annunciating. This album makes me twirl like a little girl and it’s perfect for those grey afternoons with thunder in the hills.

My Saturdays have been very full as of late. Hamsterfood is going well but requires some major upkeep. Then, there is the inspiration, the curiosity, the exploration. I am on artistic overload here! My weekends fill up quickly with resume polishing, company marketing, face painting, and shooting. While I hunker down and spend all day editing in front of a screen, nothing is more soothing than this old favorite in the late hours of the night. Just get me to the church on time.


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