.Try It Tuesday. Basel, Switzerland

Uncle Traveling Kevin,


Is is Basel, Switzerland!!! You guessed it, he’s there for Art Basel, of course!

So, let’s begin.

To transform our charming little Gunnison into melting-pot Basel, we started early. We had traditional /// for breakfast, and it was delicious. We started off the day right by venturing to the grocery store to pick out some Swiss Chocolate for the day.

We went to the bank. The bank is a Big Deal in Basel.

Believe it or not, Kevin is on the same river as he was in Cologne, Germany!

Photo: Floating down the Rhein

The River Rhine, or Rhein, depending on where you are splits both towns our eclectic traveling uncle has visited. So, we went to the river, again! We also doubled this as a fathers day hike for Sam, a special treat because hiking is not my favorite.

We went to Boomerang to try and find me a new, well used, watch. In Basel they hold the world’s largest Watch and Jewelry Festival!

Next we learned a little about an artist featured at Art Basel, since that’s really why Kevin is there. We looked up Patricia Douder and discovered ///

I spoke un petit français. Basel is located where the Swiss, German and French borders meet. Their official language is German, but they are comfortable with English and French as well. Since the bulk of the day took place in English, and I know zero German, I spoke what French I could with my boys.

 college animated GIF

We listened to Jazz. There are a lot of music festivals that happen in this metropolitan melting pot, but the most beloved seems to be Jazz. So we put the Punch Brothers on hold and played a little Ella, Miles, and Nat.

Last but not least, we went to our local chocolate shop, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Basel’s north bank, Kleinbasel, is home to rows of shops, including indulgent chocolataries. On our way into town, we took a photo with our dragon. Basel has a Basilisk protecting its crest at the entrance to the Black Forest region. We brought our crest (the McClung clan) to the Crested Butte dragon, so he could do some protecting.


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