.Adventure Is Out There.

I just recently spoke with my dad about my Freckles, saying it was like “a switch was flipped” and my creativity exploded. When I moved here, something shifted and I was able to create freely. This seems simple, but it is so extraordinary a time in life of an artist. I am meeting sculptures, musicians, painters, collectors, and I am creating. I am barely creating at pace with my imagination. I know this time is fleeting and I am really enjoying it. So I might as well share what’s happening. So much has been happening!

I am creating a body of work called .Still Waters. I have relaxed and let go while it snowed at the hot springs. I’ve caught total stillness at sunrise. It restores my soul.

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There is a magical little girl who lives downstairs who gave me a drawing one day. This creative little Phoenix received a drawing in her namesake as a thank you. Thus began a beautiful friendship. We tape drawings to each other’s doors and write each other notes. We hide gnomes and build forts and she makes Evan swoon. These are the Phoenix files.

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I am inspired daily. These do not fit into any body of work, other than the beautiful findings of a hapless photographer. Enjoy!

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