.Boo Radford Illustration and Design.

.Boo Radford Illustration and Design (B.R.I.D.) is here to reintroduce you to your inner child. Whimsy and imagination can be found everywhere, should you just look at the world the right way. Here at Boo Radford, we set out to fill your home with colorful creations! Curiosity, Color and Fun take priority in our one of a kind works.


B.R.I.D. is so proud to present our newest line of Freckles! The art of stippling is one of deep meditation and patience, forcing a juxtaposition between the child like colors and curios content.

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These fun little treasures are available to you in a variety of ways. Check out my Etsy Shop for prices!

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Each print is produced 20 times. I create the original, one of twenty, sign it, number it, and scan it.

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From that file I print 19 more prints.

You can purchase the original in a frame. Or, you could purchase a print with or without a frame.

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Brighten up your cluster wall!


.Who’s It’s and What’s It’s Galore.

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Add a splash of color to your child’s room; add a little whimsy to your routine at work; gift it to the adult in your life with a loud inner child! Feel free to contact me or visit my Etsy Shop to purchase a little bit of imagination.

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