.My Epic Morning.

Sorry this was late going up folks. I spent the night whipping up delicious treats for tomorrow morning and forgot I had teased a little more content tonight.

Its not much, but it means the world to me. I live near somewhere EPIC called Taylor River. Deep in the canyons of the mountains lies this beautiful, ever-changing body of water. I love to photograph it under all conditions at all times of the day. Here was a shot I got this morning.


Directly after this I nearly stumbled, camera first, into the freezing water!


.I’m Wide Awake.

It’s morning here in the rockies. I rose with the sun and followed the light up to the butte where I snapped this peaceful shot. Enjoy! Happy Easter!



.Oh The Places You’ll Go.

This happened by accident.


Sam is usually with me when I’m out shooting. Somewhere during the course of our day I’ll place him deadpan center (usually) and take an environmental portrait. The collection has built into something really fun that I enjoy doing on the side. Sometimes he’s goofy. Sometimes he gets tired of me shooting. Sometimes he winks at me and smiles like he loves me. You can see him enjoy food, overcome fears, and be completely bored. I’ll call this .Oh The Places You’ll Go.

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