.My Work.

“An artist is an artist, and they use the media that best suits what they want to say. There is no painter, photographer. An artist is an artist.” Lawrence Weiner

Though my message stays the same, the tools I use to express it change frequently. I am constantly in pursuit of stillness, and calm, whether it be through meditative portraits, stippling, or interactive spaces. Take your time and enjoy!


.Places of Peace.

..Where do you feel most at peace? I will travel there and engage with the environment and take a meditative portrait..

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..There is something about the smell of fixer and the allure of watching your image appear in a bath of developer. I keep coming back to film to cleanse my creative road blocks..

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..This is a vulnerable, honest look at the image in spirituality. I photograph each icon as a follower engaged in worship..

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..I will always see the world a bit differently, in shadows and twinkles and curiosity..

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.. Large scale installation will always serve as the most appropriate mouth piece for my meditative experiential concept. I strive to create a space that strips away the distractions of the world and gives you a chance to feel some peace, if only for a few seconds..

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..These little creations are a study in meditation juxtaposed against childhood whimsy. Stippling is a process close to my soul. It has held my focus and released a calm amidst chaos. I find that with each piece, I discover a new well of creativity and calm. For the whole collection and pricing details, visit my Etsy Shop..

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5 thoughts on “.My Work.

  1. you have some really stunning black and white work. I love it. I don’t see any credit for your pics for the feature/cover story for the “Heart & Mind” magazine, Winter 06-07, though. I think the pictures for that article were a good study in our humainty.

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