.Snap, Crackle, Pop. My Fair Lady

What’s playing on Stella Blue today?


I feel pretty, Oh so pretty! Yay, it’s My Fair Lady! I got this dance-dance-party-in-a-sleeve at my FAVORITE chain of thrift stores in L.A., Out of the Closet. If you are near one, go. The deals are crazy and the cause is good! I first ventured into one with The Lovely Bohemian, she can attest to their gold mine status!

I adore putting on funny hats, gathering up flowers and prancing around the living room while over annunciating. This album makes me twirl like a little girl and it’s perfect for those grey afternoons with thunder in the hills.

My Saturdays have been very full as of late. Hamsterfood is going well but requires some major upkeep. Then, there is the inspiration, the curiosity, the exploration. I am on artistic overload here! My weekends fill up quickly with resume polishing, company marketing, face painting, and shooting. While I hunker down and spend all day editing in front of a screen, nothing is more soothing than this old favorite in the late hours of the night. Just get me to the church on time.


.Snap, Crackle, Pop. The Festival Tapes

Telluride’s bluegrass festival is just around the corner. So, what’s playing on Stella Blue today?


The Festival Tapes, recorded live in Telluride June 25-26, 1977.

I found this epically amazing album after digging for hours at Counterpoint. If you are new to my blog, or native to the Gunnison Valley, Counterpoint is my all time favorite record store in the Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A. Once you get past the stench of hipster, and apparent air of disapproval, you can get to work unearthing gems like this one.

Fiddle on friends! If you went to the festival this year, feel free to leave a fun story about it in the comments. Chris Thile is playing up a frenzy, so enjoy the heck out of it!


.Still Waters.

This is a new collection I’ve been working on.


When I get a moment here or there, I take off into the woods and normally end up shooting a stream, river, or lake. It restores my soul.

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.Try it Tuesday. Do your Hair Like a Grown Up

Or like a Duggar. This is embarrassing, but I’ll come right out with it. This Tuesday, I am trying a few new things. I am bravely admitting to the world that I love the Duggars. I know what lies beneath the movement has quite a dark background, but the family itself seems resourceful and loving. As the seasons progressed, the older girls have broken free of their matching days and have become quite stylish. A noticeable change has been their newly tousled locks replacing the crunchy perms. I immediately searched how to achieve this look and found this. Remember, this kind of admission is new for me, so be gentle.

I continued to research and found an article on Pinterest detailing the different effects of different techniques of curling. The one the girls use above gives a nice organic wave without feeling like you should break out your pageant wave. The technique I have been using, curling by clamping the bottom and rolling up, was described as how tweens learn to curl their hair. I decided to switch it up and see how it looked.


My final “new thing” is what you just saw. Yes, I curled my hair in a new way, and admitted to watching embarrassing t.v., but what was truly difficult was taking a selfie. I very rarely, if ever, take a photo of myself alone. My cousin over at Hope365, has taken on the empowering task of taking a selfie daily to find value and love in herself. It has inspired me completely. I don’t have the guts to take on a challenge like that, but this photo was a start.


.Baked Brie. Oreo Truffles


We are severely understaffed at work. As a result, everyone has reached Office Space level exasperation! To help out team morale I thought I’d ask my coworkers what their favorite treat was, and bring it in to surprise the branch, and boost spirits. It’s working like gangbusters!! So for the next few Sundays… that’s right, it’s a coworker special. I’ll tell you who asked for what and how I efficiently (tried) to  make enough.

I must begin by saying, I adore my co-workers! Back in L.A., the ladies I worked with were always on a diet, and wouldn’t touch my treats with a ten foot pole. A girl will start to get a complex after a while. I thought my baking had tanked. Then I moved here, where locals are so active during every hour of daylight, they devour my treats and ask for more. LOVE IT!IMG_4817

The first surprise I delivered was Oreo Truffles! These are ridiculously easy.


1 package of Oreos 1/3 cup set aside for garnish

1 package of cream cheese

Chocolate Chips for dipping


Smash Oreos very finely and combine with room temperature cream cheese. I use my hands for this process. It’s easiest, I promise. Melt your chocolate. I use the Barefoot Contessa’s microwave method. 30 second intervals on high in the microwave gives you just the right amount of control over your chocolate. I refrigerate the Oreo mixture to make the dipping easier. Dip and let cool on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Sprinkle your remaining cookie crumbs over the truffles before moving them to the fridge. IMG_4815Find yourself a stunning container and serve these up to very pleased coworkers! Make a lot. Im not kidding.


.Snap, Crackle, Pop. The Gingerbread Boy

What’s playing on Stella Blue today?

The Gingerbread Boy!

This was a score from Six Points Thrift Store in town. I got a whole stack of albums from this diamond in the rough for a whopping total of $2! This is a great organization that is trying to raise money for their desperately needed larger space across town. If you are local, or even if you aren’t, click here to learn a little more about them and donate!

I recently struck up a friendship with the magical little girl who lives downstairs, Phoenix. 12She comes over and we hide gnomes, build blanket forts, and listen to records. This is, by far, her favorite to listen to. Its just a collection of childrens stories and sing-along songs. She plays it over and over again, even teaching herself how to return to the beginning of a story!